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Our Forex site, provided to offer software tools and strategic trading information about the Foreign Currency Exchange Markets,
Commodities, and Stock Trading: , articles and commentary concerning the obvious health benefits of the regular consumption of Green Tea.
Articles about polyphenols, anti-oxidants, green tea as an aid to weight loss, and more. Just drink it!

This one is for fun: EndlessBeer.infoGet a free homebrew recipe in your email every week, or buy the whole book of 640 mouth-watering
homemade beer recipes. You can make far better beer at home than you can buy. Again, just drink it!

Sites currently under review and rebuild:

The, all you need to know about Internet Marketing to build your Online Empire., the laws of attraction and guidelines to manifest all you desire.

Two blogspots, used to learn and teach html and basic website layout to staff (much in need of updating):

The fitness website of a good friend, an accredited expert in the field of whole body wellness:

Domains ready for content, waiting for their turn for development:,,, to come soon!

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